Supporting Communities

Making a Difference

Being part of the community around us is important to Locus.  It is an ongoing challenge for organisations to find enough volunteers, assistance and funds. Locus do, in our small way, help out where we can.

Oxfam New Zealand

Oxfam New Zealand is an organisation doing great things for the widest of global communities and we admire and cherish their mission “Working together to end poverty and injustice”.

Our involvement with Oxfam New Zealand began with Gary Nicholson; a devoted Oxfam New Zealand Trailwalker participant and now organiser.

Through Gary, and with the support of FME to help plan the course, Locus tracked the 300 participant teams by using FME to analyse and locate tweets that are sent during the event. In 2017, we also used FME’s report generation capabilities to create a dashboard showing the progress of teams through the checkpoints.

We look forward to supporting Oxfam New Zealand on an ongoing basis.

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Double Six MotorSport

Double Six MotorSport (D6M) has been involved in racing for 30 years; providing young riders with the essential tools and skills they need to thrive.  Running world spec competitive machinery provides a pathway to aspiring young riders and with this in mind D6M has secured two Kalex DTMs for the 2019 season – the cutting edge of what is currently available at international level.

Locus is thrilled to be part of the journey to support young talented riders achieve their dream of competing on the international stage.

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