FME World Tour 2018

hosted by
Locus Limited

Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch
May 2018

Records numbers descended upon the FME World Tour 2018 in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland this year to indulge in all things FME.

The agenda boasted tips and techniques for the FME novice through to the experienced user and combined Safe Software presentations delivered by the accomplished Rylan Maschak, Product Owner, FME Server and Ann Cheng, Channel Account Manager Asia Pacific, interspersed with Locus client presentations from around the country.

Haydn Read and Boris Kirov of Auckland Council delivered an engaging presentation on the role of FME in the development and delivery of an infrastructure portal tasked with meeting the not insignificant task of identifying and managing Auckland’s exponential population growth and the demand on local infrastructure.  Haydn and Boris were generous enough with their time to share their story at all three FME World Tour events.

Always a popular feature of the agenda, this year’s technical talks were no exception with the incomparable Mike Oberdries, and Gary Nicholson of Locus delivering a presentation on FME data wrangling techniques and an exploration of FME Server connectivity with Internet enabled devices respectively.

Not to be overshadowed by Auckland, the Christchurch City Council sliced a good dose of costume humour into the growth and future of FME within CCC along with the exploration of standards, guidelines and challenges overcome with the help of FME.

Crowd favourite Ekki Scheffler of Jacobs returned to the podium this year to regale us with details of economic appraisal tool FloodFX.  We also welcomed first- time FMEWT presenters Alan Berry-Cope of WEL Networks in a conversation of using FME to automate data replication to support WEL’s new App and Web Aps deployments, and Hamish Kingsbury of Abley who discussed FME at NCTIR in demonstration of how slips change over time along with creating an online tool to provide a Map & GUI for users to generate their own scenes.

NZ Defence presenter Guillermo Ginella delivered an insightful presentation in Wellington on using FME to convert topographic datasets for 11+ countries into a military standard schema in order to facilitate interoperability with allied forces.

Thank you again to our presenters, your support is greatly appreciated.
All presentations are available to download via the table below.

We look forward to playing host to FME World Tour 2019 – see you next year!

Getting Started with FME 2018Rylan Maschak
SAFE Software
Download Here
Developing an infrastructure Portal at Auckland Council and how FME plays a roleHaydn Read & Boris Kirov
Auckland Council
Coming soon
Some "lesser-used" FME Data Wrangling TechniquesMichael Oberdries
Download Here
FME Workspace Authoring 2018: Tips and TricksRylan Maschak
SAFE Software
Download here
The growth and future of FME within CCC; established standards, guidelines and processes; CCC's cadastre and the challenges overcome using FMEPaul Goodhue, Kyle Dow & Chris Treddinnick
Christchurch City Council
Download here & here
Redesigned FME Server AutomationsRylan Maschak
SAFE Software
Download Here
FloodFX - an economic appraisal tool to interrogate and evaluate storm water management approachesEkki Scheffler
Download Here
Tips and tricks connecting FME Server with internet enabled devicesGary Nicholson
Download Here
FME at NCTIR (re the Kaikoura quakes) to show how slips change over time; and creating an online tool to provide a Map & GUI for users to generate their own scenesHamish Kingsbury
Download Here
How WEL Networks used FME to automate data replication from enterprise Hexagon / Oracle GIS database environment to ArcGIS online cloud storage to support WEL's new App and Web Maps deploymentsAlan Berry-Cope
WEL Networks 
Download Here
Integrating Data Ecosystems with FME (case studies from around the globe)Rylan Maschak
SAFE Software
Download Here