Training videos and support

Instructional training videos brought to you by SAFE Software and Locus

FME Training Videos

Safe Software, the developers of FME offer a range of free training options to meet the demands of organisations new to FME, as well as those seeking a more advanced tutorial.   Train at your own pace, in your own time.  Each course includes hours of instructional video from an FME Certified Trainer, hands-on exercises with sample data, and the course manual.

Prefer a local tailored training programme?  Locus specialise in helping our clients unlock the power of FME that’s why we have developed a 2-day training seminar suitable for both new and existing FME customers.  Talk to us about your organisations training needs.

Title FME Version Length Watch Now
FME Desktop 2017 Advanced Training Course FME 2017 9:27:48
FME Server 2017 Authoring Training Course FME 2017 6:57:48
FME Desktop 2017 Basic Training Course FME 2017 5:33:38
FME Desktop 2016 Basic Training Course FME 2016 6:20:24
FME Desktop 2016 Advanced Training Course FME 2016 7:18:19
FME Server 2016 Authoring Training Course FME 2016 6:52:32
Esri ArcGIS and FME Desktop 2016 (Advanced) FME 2016 3:06:14
FME Desktop 2016 for Databases FME 2016 3:24:52
FME Desktop 2016 for Excel FME 2016 2:58:18
FME Desktop 2016 and Tableau FME 2016 2:50:22
FME Workflow Management FME 2016 3:26:28
FME Desktop 2015 Basic Training Course FME 2016 6:25:25
FME Server 2015 Authoring Training Course FME 2015 6:47:42
Esri ArcGIS and FME Desktop (Advanced) FME 2015 3:43:51
FME Desktop for Smallworld Training Course FME 2015 2:59:21
FME Server 2017 for Smallworld FME 2017 4:20:57
FME Server 2017 Administration FME 2017 3:57:03
FME Desktop 2017 for Databases (Oracle) FME 2017 3:49:58

At Locus, your FME training needs are our priority

We know it’s not a one-size-fits-all when it comes to software training and that’s why we have developed a tailored FME training seminar for those new to FME and for the more proficient user.

Held over two days a Safe FME Certified Trainer will walk you through the basics and answer all of your most challenging FME questions.   Be prepared to learn in a fun and supportive environment.

Seminars are held regularly in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.