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Let Locus and the power of FME Server automate the flow of data between your applications (and perform a bunch of other daily data tasks)

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Maintain control, save time, reduce error

Quickly meet the demands of your data with Locus and FME Server.   Working hand-in-hand with FME Desktop, you can design the workflow you want to autmate in FME Desktop’s drag-and-drop interface and then publish it to FME Server.

By scheduling the workspace you created to automatically run at any time interval, you turn it into a self-serve process for others to run whenever they want, or have your workspace always running in real-time.

With FME Server you save time and improve data quality.  Published data enables users both inside and outside your organisation to access and run data workspaces over the web.

Simple, flexible, supported.

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FME server features

Super Scaleable

Whatever your business shape or size, FME Server can meet your automation needs. As you grow, FME Server can seamlessly scale up with you, constantly enabling the validation, load and sharing of large volumes of data so people can access it – where, when and how they need to.

High Availability

Never be without FME Server! High availability is ensured including fail-over by switching to a secondary core. In the worst case, you can use recovery mode to restart components and jobs.

User Friendly

With the help of Locus and our software partners, installation is straightforward and you’re up and running in minutes. What’s more, this powerful tool is actually fun to use! Once you have FME Server installed it’s super easy to configure the automation workflows user interface.

Configurable REST API

Take control over a wide-range of FME Server functionality with REST API.  Requests are made through simple, readable URLs and responses can be formatted in clear, understandable JSON.

FME Server is hosted on premises, securely behind your firewall. If you want to take advantage of the scalable nature of the cloud, you can easily migrate your workflows to FME Cloud (the hosted version of FME Server).
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Here at Locus, we believe FME Server can pretty much do it all

Automate anything…. whether that be download, send, sync or steam

Up-to-date data, every time

Enable the flow of data across the enterprise.  FME Server includes a REST API and supports common protocols such as email, SMS, WebSockets, JMS, and more.  Did we mention native support for hundreds of file formats and applications.

Whether it be complex legacy systems or simple cloud services, with Locus and FME Server, we have your integrated data needs covered.

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