FME Server Pricing

  • Additional Engines for Server License (Optional / Per Engine)

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* Price shown excludes GST and any other applicable taxes

How Licenses and Engines Work

FME Server provides enterprise automation for your desktop workflows. Engines are the power behind FME Server and process jobs one-at-a-time. If multiple jobs exist, they either queue up behind the single engine or get distributed across multiple engines for simultaneous processing power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need FME Desktop?

Yes, you also need FME Desktop. FME Server runs on workspaces which are authored in FME Desktop.

How does FME Server relate to FME Desktop and FME Cloud?

Users create workspaces in FME Desktop‘s authoring environment. They can be run in FME Desktop, or for enhanced automation can be published to FME Server, which you host on-premises on your own server.

How do I buy FME Server?

To buy FME Desktop simply click “I want to buy” from the options above and complete your purchase online via credit card or PayPal.  If you would like additional information before you purchase please contact Locus at or on 0800 562 8769.

How do I install FME Server?

Download the latest version of FME from the Locus website and follow the instructions provided.

Can you explain how the engines work in simple terms?

Think of engines like the checkout at your local supermarket. Customers queue up at a checkout lane and the checkout operator can only handle one customer at a time. To prevent a backlog, the store will open up additional checkout lanes to allow additional customers to check out at the same time. In this example the checkout operators are engines and the customers are jobs for FME Server to process. All this is to say that FME Server offers single-threaded architecture.

Which edition of FME Desktop do I need?

There is only one edition of FME Server and it is compatible with all editions of FME Desktop.

Do you have a free trial available for FME Server?

Yes, you can download a free trial of FME Server here. You can either install it on your own server by choosing an on-premises deployment (FME Server), or deploy it in the cloud with FME Cloud by taking advantage of a free credit. Since there’s no hardware to setup, FME Cloud is ideal for testing and prototypes. Workflows can easily be migrated to FME Server at a later date if you need to move them on-premises.

Do the FME Desktop prices displayed on this website include tax?

FME Desktop and associated products purchased on this website are sold for supply within New Zealand. All prices displayed are in New Zealand dollars and exclude Goods and Services Tax (GST). GST is charged at 15% and this will be added to the price of your product on the purchase page.

I’m interested in FME but based outside New Zealand, how can I get pricing information?

Wherever you may be based in the world Locus can assist. Pricing will vary by market and if purchasing outside New Zealand, GST may not apply. Please email us to discuss local pricing and support at