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Introducing FME Data Bites

As a Platinum Partner of Safe Software, Locus seeks to provide real, meaningful value to the FME Community and the relationship we have with its members.  We want to know you as a user, the challenges you face and how we can support you to help solve them.

FME Data Bites are free, informal, information or training sessions which encourage networking and are designed to help us get to know you better as a FME user.

2019:  The Future of FME with Don Murray, Safe Software

Locus, together with Don Murray, Co-CEO and President of Safe Software presented on the Future Roadmap of FME in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in November 2019.

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Introducing Don Murray, Safe Software

Co-Founder and President at Safe Software. With over 30 years experience and a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Simon Fraser University, Don leads the direction of Safe and focuses his specialty on server and cloud-based solutions. He regularly travels around the world sharing his passion for making data integration accessible to everyone who needs it.

"We've been working with John and the team at Locus for more than 10 years. We're inspired by the commitment, authenticity and leadership that Locus brings to all their customer relationships. Their unique blend of business competence and technical expertise makes them a great Safe Software partner and a powerful asset to any organisation"

Don Murray & Dale LutzCo-founders, Safe Software

"Locus is a company that walks the talk. John and his team believe that relationships are key to the business and have been huge advocates of what we have achieved with FME. We couldn't have asked for better support"

Haydn ReadHead of Infrastructure Programmes, Auckland Council