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We’re Locus Limited, a (Gold) Value Added Reseller for SAFE Software Inc, the developers of FME.

Our relationship with SAFE Software Inc has been built over a number of years and is one we cherish.

The basis of it is the excellence of SAFE’s products and also the way in which they support us as Resellers and the worldwide FME Community. They inspire us to reach similar standards in our business dealings.

So FME is what Locus does.

We specialise in helping our clients unlock the power of FME to solve both spatial and non-spatial data challenges that can be unique or common. Our philosophy is to show our clients “how” FME can assist and to add value be it through training or consulting.

The Locus team are all FME Certified Professionals. You can have confidence therefore that the people you are dealing with at Locus “know their stuff”.

We offer traditional consulting services and also certified FME Training, as well as tailored “in-house” training. See more about training.

We absolutely believe in the power of FME and how it can save you and your business time, which is the most precious of all commodities. Time saved on tasks that are manual or which could be automated, means time that can be utilised elsewhere. It means the cost-benefit analysis of using FME is a strong one from both an initial and ongoing basis.

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The founder of Locus is John Arnerich. By profession John is actually a Chartered Accountant. Through his work experience including his time at Deloitte and PricewaterhouseCoopers, John has shaped Locus to have a strong client service and added value mentality.

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