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The Locus Story

We know FME. We’ve made it our business to sell, service and support FME for more than 10 years

We’re Locus, Partner and Platinum Value Added Reseller for SAFE Software Inc, the developers of FME.

We specialise in helping our clients unlock the power of FME to solve both spatial and non-spatial data challenges that can be unique or common.  Our philosophy is to show our clients how FME can assist and to add value be it through training or consulting.

Founded in 2008 by John Arnerich, a Chartered Accountant by trade, we have established ourselves as market leader in the provision of FME training and consultancy services.

The Locus team are all Safe Software FME Certified Professionals.  That translates into confidence.  We can advise, consultant, solution and manage all things FME.  We have technical industry experts for every sector and our team will take you from conceptual design through to implementation, and beyond.

What makes Locus different?

We’re proud to be helping over 200 organisations worldwide transform the way they manage their data.

With our GIS qualified professionals and dedicated client services approach, FME is what we know and love, and that’s a competitive advantage.  You won’t find us making bold claims about any other software because we don’t believe it gets any better than FME.

FME will save you and your business time, perhaps the most precious of all commodities.


  1. Improve productivity by ensuring data is always up-to-date and immediately available
  2. Overcome incompatible system issues by moving data between 400+ formats and applications (and preserve the quality!)
  3. Save time (and money) by harnessing the power of automated workflows; your data, scheduled tasks, no manual processing
  4. Get serious about spatial.   Easily overcome the complexity of location data
  5. No expert skills required.  Anybody can learn FME and with the support of Locus you’ll be up and running in no time!

Meet the Team

John Arnerich
Group Director & Founder

Michael Oberdries
FME Desktop Certified Professional

Ruby Donaldson
Business Development Director, Australia

Gary Nicholson
FME Desktop Certified Professional and FME Server Certified Professional

Angie Worsley
Marketing Practitioner

Kim Ollivier
FME Desktop Certified Professional and FME Certified Trainer

Darren Fergus
FME Desktop Certified Professional and FME Certified Trainer

Kieran O’Donnell
FME Desktop Certified Professional and FME Certified Trainer

Ross Vincent
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Dean Howell
FME Desktop Certified Professional

Oliver Mander
Business Development Manager

Pip Norris
GIS Consultant


We’re proud to be acknowledged by Safe Software for our industry-leading expertise. Key accolades include:

  • Safe Software Partner Award of Excellence, 2018
  • Safe Software Partner Award of Excellence, 2017
  • Safe Software Partner Award of Excellence, 2016
  • Safe Software Partner Award of Excellence, 2014


0800 562 8769


Prompt, professional and passionate about FME. If your organisation needs to work with data you need FME. John and the team from Locus are the local experts ready to work with you.

Alan Berry-CopeGIS Manager, WEL Networks

"Locus is a company that walks the talk. John and his team believe that relationships are key to the business and have been huge advocates of what we have achieved with FME. We couldn't have asked for better support"

Haydn ReadAuckland Council

"The FME training course was professionally and passionately delivered by Darren even tailoring/relating certain modules to one’s real business projects/applications. The learning environment created by Darren was awesome!!. This was complimented by the friendly and attentive staff at Locus whom arranged all the training for us and delivered it to us exceptionally. Thanks team Locus!”

Michael LopezTechnical Specialist Design, NBN Co, Australia

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