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Beautifully Crafted Data Integration

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Integrate data in a few quick clicks.


Automate virtually any data task.


Run FME Server in the cloud.

FME is your Data Integration Platform

Take control of your data with FME’s integration software. One tool to help you solve many problems.

Connect Your Applications

Eliminate data silos and move information between 450+ applications including geospatial using FME’s visual interface.

Transform Your Data

Use a library of 500+ FME transformers to restructure data exactly for your needs and without writing code.

Automate Your Workflows

Turn manual data tasks into scheduled, real-time, or self-serve processes; saving time and delivering operational efficiency.

FME Integration Gallery

Use FME to easily move data between hundreds of apps, web services, databases and file formats.

No credit card necessary. Start integrating data today!

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The FME Platform
One Engine, Multiple Ways to Deploy

With the FME Platform discover custom integration workflows that support everything from geospatial data to APIs

FME Desktop

Integrate data in a few quick clicks.

FME Desktop uses a visual interface to connect applications and transform data. Each workflow is repeatable and can be run again and again.

FME Server

Automate virtually any data task.

FME Server provides enterprise automation and lets you run workflows in real-time, in response to triggers or requests, and according to any schedule.

FME Cloud

Run FME Server in the cloud.

FME Cloud combines the speed and flexibility of the cloud with the automation power of FME Server.